Manuka Honey MGO 120+ (500g) (UMF 6+)

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No matter the period of its cultivation; from the moment it is created in our hives, to when it is placed upon the shelf of your local store, our Manuka honey can be traced. Every step we take during its creation involves constant monitoring, checking and testing in order to ensure that the honey we produce is indeed natural and pass all purity tests that it needs to go through. we can guarantee that the MGO in this Manuka honey is indeed naturally occurring.

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Our Australian Manuka Honey is harvested in Australia’s North-East coast. We produce the Finest quality of Manuka honey our bees are fed the nectar from Leptospermum Scorparium Flowers where greater antibacterial properties are produced compared to regular Honey.It assist with Wounds, Infections, rashes, inflammation, immune health and much more. Manuka honey is well known world wide, especially our high quality Aus Vita Health Manuka Honey. The activity strength of the MGO rating indicates the therapeutic benefit of the honey ,the higher the MGO the more beneficial the honey will be.


  • Mild Strength Manuka Honey
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Contains natural enzymes & antioxidants
  • Low- Medium antibacterial properties
  • Supports & boosts the immune system
  • Recommended serving between 1-3 spoons daily

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    Honey with Amazing Benefits
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