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Ausvita Health manufactures and distributes Australia’s finest brand of healthcare worldwide.All of our products are 100% Australian Made and owned ranging from Manuka Honey, Vitamins & Skin Care.

Teaming up with Australia’s leading natural health care brand ‘Healthy Care’. Our Vitamin and Skin Care products are all from the highest quality.Supporting all individuals from infants through to elderly our products cover General Well being, Heart Health, Enzymes, Energy, Detox, Bones and Joints, Beauty plus so much more. At Ausvita Health whatever you require, we have you & your health covered.

Our Australian Manuka Honey is harvested amongst immaculate Bushland to produce the finest quality of Manuka Honey. With strengths ranging from MGO 30+ through to 900+, our Manuka assists with general & immune health, wounds, burns, infections, rashes, sexual health and much more.

The benefits of our Manuka are never ending just like the antibacterial properties found in each jar.

​Our company focuses on quality & quantity. A brand you can truly trust for outstanding value!!!